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We perform fixed price market studies for European products with focus on the South-Central parts of USA, Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico. 

Basic package.   A 4-6 week study where we contact companies and potential customers, agents and distributors in the area to evaluate the potential for your product. We produce a report listing the "players" in our region, your potential competitors with some basic information on their activities in the region and your potential key customers.

Marketing package. We contact and evaluate potential agents and distributors and based on our recommendations after your approval, we set up meetings where you first hand can learn about your alternatives. We assist with advice and contacts for agreements and legal aspects of selling products to South-Central USA.

Send us an e-mail in English, Swedish or Norwegian and we will prepare a detailed proposal based on your interest.

Contact us at:
ASM Development LLC
Houston, Texas
Phone:   281-486-7330
e-mail:  office@asmdevelopment.com






Some facts about our part of USA

  • A geographic area twice the size of Sweden and Norway
  • A population of 34 million people.
  • Home to the second largest port in the world
  • Climate types ranging from arid desert to tropical forests.
  • Main trading partner with Mexico with a large Hispanic population, particularly in South Texas..
  • Home of some of USA's largest and most interesting cities, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, New Orleans.
  • A business friendly area full of  opportunities, with an openness to new products and companies.
  • Already established companies include Ericsson, Atlas Copco, Electrolux, IKEA, Tetrapak, ABB, Loomis, Stena Bulk, Alimak, Skanska, Nynas and several other small to midsize Swedish companies.
  • Low housing costs even in the big metropolitan areas.